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Russell Brinson Photography

Why be average when you can be amazing.

Specialized Photographers/ Portrait Studios Greenville SC

Exceptional Photographers specialized in capturing your magical moments.


Expert Editing

A professional editor makes you look even more beautiful by creates amazing works of arts for Commercial photography.

Professional Printing

We do all our own printing to make sure it is perfect so we can deliver professional prints for you to cherish forever. We are one of the best  portrait studios Greenville sc

High Quality Products

We know quality matters so, from our custom designed albums to our many products our customers know they are getting the best.

About Us


Our Story

My father was an avid and passionate photographer and as a child, I grew up with that same passion. I started as a photographer in the 80’s taking pictures for friend’s weddings. Around 2011 I decided to make it a career. I knew I didn’t want to be just your average photographer so I reached out to the photographers I admired from around the world. Many helped me find my own unique style and helped me receive the training I needed to be one of the best. Russell Brinson Photography specialized in wedding photography, senior photography and family photography, but we do everything from sports, fashion, commercial, to even celebrity photography.

Russell Brinson Photography is a family business. As I developed a passion for photography as a child, my kids did as well, They are amazing photographer and being the excited father I was more than happy to teach them all I have learned. From my wife to my children, they all have exceptional styles.

It’s always such a great honor to have my beautiful clients pick me to capture the most important moments in their lives. These moments should not be a snapshot that they trust to just anyone. That’s why I approach every shot, every moment with an artist desire to deliver a work of art that they can cherish always.

As a photographer, I wanted to be unique and creative my own style. I wanted my work to stand out from all the other local photographers. No one wants their special day to be the same as everyone else’s. That’s why I chose to study under the world’s best. I’ve had tutelage under photographers in Britain, New Zealand, Canada and many from the U.S. After hundreds of hours of training this gave me the skills to create one of a kind works of art. I still continuously strive to learn new things and maintain my skills. Not only do I continue my education, but I teach photography as well.

We specialize in wedding photography, senior pictures and all forms of the family pictures, designing albums and printing large works of art. We create amazing, breathtaking pieces of fine art for you to cherish forever. Our photographers are trained by the best to be the best.

So, feel free if there is anything you want to know about us as Greenville, SC photographers to call. At Russell Brinson Photography we are always happy to hear from our client.


Russell Brinson

Russell Brinson

Owner / Primary Photographer

Russell Brinson – Professional Wedding Photographer in Greenville, SC. Know for his fine art in weddings, seniors and family photography.

Selena Brinson

Selena Brinson

Second Photographer / Event Coordinater

Second photographer on shoots needing multiple photographers with an eye for details. Event planner and coordinator.

Samantha Brinson

Samantha Brinson

Second Photographer

Assist when multiple photographers are needed. Exceptional eye for the perfect angle. Fashion coordinator

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