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The Contract

One of the top two must-haves.

You must have a CONTRACT!

I don’t care even if it’s your best friend doing the wedding. When Preparing for your wedding a contact is one of the two most important Must-Haves.

One of the top 2 questions you should ask before hiring a wedding photographer or any wedding vendor is, “do they have a contract?” If they do not, then they are not professionals and I would suggest looking elsewhere. This is in place not only to protect the vendor, but you as well.

You should require a contract. It should be detailed as to what services they will be providing, pricing, products, packages, copyright, cancellation terms and payment.

Some of the important points in a contract should include:

  • It should have the date and time the services will be performed.
  • What you are getting for the price.
  • It should detail what will happen if the vendor becomes ill, Acts of God, and/or loss of the products or services they offer.
  • How long it will take to provide that services/products.
  • As for photography, it should clarify if you get a copyright release to use and print the pictures you receive from the photography. If not, you may have to pay them to print and use the pictures.
  • There are many other things that should be included in a contract depending on the services/products being provided by the vendor.

Having a contract is a must and no professional is going to work without one. While most contracts are going to be written to favor the vendor, they should still cover the basics that protect you and your investment.

Contracts are meant to clarify any questions and details. Each contract is specific to the needs of that client and services/products offer by the vendor.

Also, be caution of cheap photographers and other vendors that have just a minimum contract that doesn’t go into much detail. A lot of times these are the “fake it until you make it” type vendors. While everyone has to start some place, they need to be honest with you of their skill level and what they can provide. 

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