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What type of wedding photographer are you looking for?

Did you know there are different types of wedding photographers?

The most common types are Journalistic, Portrait, Natural light and Fine Art Photographers.

Journalistic Photographers
When I ask this question to potential clients a lot tell me “I want a photographer that takes those fun pictures of all of us laughing and having fun.” This style is primarily journalistic, and Journalistic Photographers catch all the fun candid shots, natural emotions and “quick spur of the moment” shots as the events of the day happen. They help tell the story of your day. Most photographers are going to claim to be Journalistic Photographers.

Portrait Photographers
Though most people like the journalistic style that’s not what they have on their walls at home. Most of the pictures you see hanging above someone’s couch of their wedding day is more of a portrait style photography. Generally, when you think of a Portrait Photographer you think of bring a kid dragged to a studio, bright strobes, backdrops and being posed. It’s true, these are Portrait Photographers, but a good wedding photographer does both journalist and portrait. Portrait Photographers know how to pose you to get that perfect look and create the pictures that are worthy to hang on your wall forever.

Natural Light Photographers
I’ve known of several people that have been burned by people claiming to be professional Natural Light Photographers and I’ve heard many more stories. All photographers are natural light photographers, but you won’t hear of any local professional photographers claiming that. Be very cautious of a photographer that claims to be a “natural light” photographer. I’ve found more often than not; this means they do not know how to properly use flash and strobes. These are photographers, but most aren’t professional even though they may claim to be. They are normally a family member, a friend or a friend of a friend…etc. They may have gotten lucky before and captured a wedding or two under good condition, but that doesn’t mean they can do it at yours. Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime moment that is too important to trust with someone other than a true professional. There are many people out there that can take great pictures on a beautifully lit sunshiny day. It’s when it gets dark that the problems start. They may not have enough knowledge of flash to use them properly or at all. Which means, while some may look good on social media, if you try to blow your pictures up to print, they will come out grainy at best. At worst, their pictures maybe too dark to even use. Either way stay clear of Natural Light Photographers.

Fine Art Photographers
Now let’s go from the worst to the best. Are you familiar with Fine Art Photography? I’m sure you have seen those breathtaking pictures of the bride and groom with an amazing landscape or a picture that looks so amazingly surreal. These are created by your Fine Art Photographers. While this style is very popular with couples, it’s an exclusive style seen only in a few artistic photographers in our area. It combines techniques of landscape, architecture, portrait, fashion photography and skilled editing to create a piece of Fine Art that gives you a truly incredible picture capturing the bride and groom and the magnificence of their venue. Fine Art Photographers are true artist and professionals of their craft.

While there are other types of wedding photographers, these are going to be what you hear the most about. So, “What type of wedding photographer are you looking for?” If asking me, I would say a combination of all four. I want those candid fun shots, a portrait I can hang above my couch, someone that knows natural lighting, but uses flash as well and I want that breathtaking picture that my friend’s jaw drops when they see it.

By Russell W Brinson III
Russell Brinson Photography
We do all four. 😊

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