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Daylight Savings

Don’t get left in the dark.

Here’s a tip that most brides don’t think about when they are planning their wedding. It literally could leave you in the dark.

It’s Summertime, you’re engaged and everything is beautiful. You’re planning your perfect winter wedding and dreaming of that magical day. You’re having it at a beautiful venue that opens to a gorgeous sky and mountains. So what’s the best time to start the ceremony. It get’s dark at 9PM so let’s start at 6PM which will give us plenty of sunshine to get pictures with that gorgeous outdoor sky and mountains.

Nope it’s not going to happen!

When planning your wedding don’t forget Daylight Savings. The sun at 6PM in the Summer will still be out and bright, but 6PM in the Winter it will be down and dark. If you’re wanting an outdoor wedding or just pictures outside in the daytime, be sure to check when sunrise and sunset is on the date of your wedding. It’s a good idea to give yourself an extra hour, especially if you are in a mountainous area, as the sun may fall behind the ridge line of the mountains before sunset and leave you in the dark.

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