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1st – Photo Quality Torture Test 2019

We are comparing our prints compared to the local labs. What is the best way to do this? TORTURE THEM!!!! Voted Best Photographer, Greenville wedding photographer Russell Brinson shows you the different in their high quality Signature Prints compared to doing it yourself at local lab picture prints.

We left or prints outside for 48 hours. The first day they had a storm come through and rained on them. Then the bright sun the next day. Our Signature Print on the left had no damage except from the clips holding them down so the wind wouldn’t blow them away. All prints had the marks from those clips. The middle print started bowing in and had grit stuck in it even after wiping it off. Also, it had some damage on it from the elements. The right print was very water damaged. When complete dried it bowed out badly. It took longer to dry than the other two and when completely dry the edges looked like they were starting to separate. I would say the middle and the right prints would not be usable after being exposed to the elements, but ours would be good. 

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