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Greenville Wedding Photographer, Russell Brinson Wishes You a Happy New Year!

Hi! I’m Russell of Russell Brinson Photography. This is it. Our first post!!!! Yay! I’ve been a wedding photographer in Greenville many, many years and I have to say 2018 was great and I’m so looking forward to 2019. I think some of the best times I had doing wedding photography this year was at the amazing barns I was able to photograph. There were two new wedding venues that started doing barn weddings this year.

The first one I was the wedding photographer at was Belleview Meadows in Fountain Inn, South Carolina. It was beautiful there. Nice open venue with large fields and a beautiful big barn. They even have a gorgeous pond with a fountain in it. The couple, Tommy and Allison, that had their wedding there had it made up beautiful and had their wedding outside on the deck. I’ve been the wedding photographer for many weddings in Greenville county, but this was one of my favorites.  After the ceremony the reception was held at the barn. They had it lit beautifully with light strings and custom designed chandeliers. I think the wedding had about 150 to 200 guests that it sat easily. It was the first time we started taking video and used the aerial drone through the whole wedding event. It turned out amazing. Being the wedding photographer was great, but before the wedding day I was blessed to do the couples engagement session pictures and the brides bridal session pictures.

Both were at Belleview Meadows. The engagement pictures were lots of fun and we got some candid shoots as well. We even ventured off into the woods and found a lovely stream to make engagement pictures at. Now, the bridal session pictures were a challenge. It was not because of the location, bridal, but the wind was so bad no matter what we tried the veil would not stay on. As far as hair, it wouldn’t matter if you had all the hairspray of a teenage girl from the 80’s there was no way you were going to keep your hair straight. So, what did we do?

Photographing lots of weddings, bridals and engagements I’ve learn how to make the best of any situation. We first did some bridal pictures inside and then we ventured outside. This way we do have some good ones of the hair. We ended up taking one of my favorite bridal shoots I’ve ever photographed. It was a fun time. Belleview Meadows is a gorgeous location and one I’d suggest to any bride looking for a barn wedding and don’t forget your Greenville wedding photographer, Russell Brinson, when you are looking for that perfect photographer. I look forward to photographing Belleview Meadows again. From this Greenville wedding photographer, we wish you a very safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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